study radiography in Belarus

Study radiography in Belarus

It will be your best choice to study radiography in Belarus as an international student.


Why study radiography in Belarus?

Yes, this is the first question that comes to mind while deciding to study radiography in Belarus at the best medical universities.

There are the best state medical universities in Belarus that offer radiology courses for international students.

All four state medical universities in Belarus are recognized by the WHO, and after graduation, these radiologists may practice in any country in the world.

Radiography in Belarus is taught by highly qualified teaching staff, and practical training is provided at most modern laboratories with the most modern radiology techniques.

The tuition fee in Belarus for radiology programs is affordable, and many foreign students are studying at these medical universities in Belarus.

While deciding to study abroad in Europe, parents also think about all factors involved in sending their child abroad for their higher education, and the first thing that comes to mind is affordability, not only in the sense of the tuition fee but also the living expenses.

So they prefer to send their children to study in Belarus after considering all these factors.

Where can I study radiography in Belarus?

As we all know, this course of radiology is very popular among foreign students, so there are universities in Belarus that offer this course to foreign nationals.

There are also state medical colleges in Belarus where radiology courses are offered for two years and 10 months for foreign students.


All foreign students must obtain an official study invitation to study in Belarus for a radiography course or any course of their choice.

In other countries like the UK, USA, or Western European countries, admissions for foreign nationals are issued by the universities or colleges, but in Belarus, official study invitations are approved by the migration department only for the purpose of higher education in Belarus as a foreign national.

How Does the Admission Process Work for Studying in Belarus?

The admission process is very easy to follow, and the admission requirements in Belarus are very simple without any language tests.

According to the process, all foreign students scan their secondary school certificate with a passport copy to the admissions office.

The admission office, upon receiving the scanned copies of the required admission documents, starts the assessment process, which takes 1-2 days to be completed.

Once the assessment for studying radiology in Belarus is done, the admissions staff sends a notification to international applicants by email.

If found eligible, the applicant sends his or her admission fee and scans the admission fee slip to the admissions staff for their records.

Those foreign applicants who are not found eligible are supposed to scan more educational documents if they are missing or required.

As admissions staff receive the admission fee slip, they forward the admission documents to the migration department, where official study invitations are processed for studying in Belarus.

This processing takes 2 weeks to be completed, and the official study invitation is handed over to admissions staff, who send it to the applicants for visa processing.

All foreign applicants who want to study in Belarus may contact us for their admission processing through the following contact details:.

PH,WHATSAPP: +380506742243





May 24, 2019 at 1:45 pm

How can I be admitted to study Radiography in Belarus.
I am a graduate and a holder in Physics and have been working as a Radiologist Technician in Nigeria.
Please advise

Emmanuel Akpan Ekanem

May 4, 2023 at 9:23 pm

I am intreated, is the study online I am an xray technician in Nigeria

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