study management in Belarus

Study management in Belarus

Studying management in Belarus will be a much more career-oriented academic experience.


What is a management course?

Management courses are all about learning managerial skills and planning with professional observations.

No matter what we do in life, it should be well managed to get brilliant results, so we all depend on management skills.

Management degree holders work in all sectors and are paid well because the success of any private or government project depends on the ability of managers. They are the ones who manage any project under their supervision.

This degree helps everyone in practical life, as management of anything is key to success.

A good manager will give good results, while a non-qualified manager will not be able to calculate the success rate of any project.

Management degree holders work in national and multinational organizations.

Benefits of Study Management

1: There are a lot of well-paid job positions worldwide.

2: Improvements in personal management skills.

3: To get the knowledge to produce a team of workers and get brilliant results.

4: High demand in all industries globally.

5: This course trains you for your own practical life.


Management courses in Belarus are offered at many economics universities, which work under the government of Belarus. The degrees international students earn from any state-owned Belarusian university are recognized worldwide because of the high quality of education and professional teaching staff.

Management degrees in Belarus are offered at two levels: bachelors and masters.

A bachelor degree consists of 4 years, and only those international students qualify who have passed their secondary school.

This bachelor degree gives a great deal of knowledge about professional management and plays a key role in the career of international students, no matter where they work.

A master’s degree in management from Belarus is earned only once international students already have a bachelor’s degree, no matter whether they are from Belarus or their homeland. A masters in Belarus consists of 2 years at all state universities.

A master’s in management makes a perfect, qualified manager for all industries and sectors.

Many international students from different countries are also studying PhDs in management. For a PhD in Belarus, international students must have a master’s degree already.


According to the admissions process, all international students who are interested in studying for a bachelor’s degree in Belarus may scan their secondary school certificate with an international travel passport copy into the email of the admissions staff.

Admissions staff checks the documents, and within 1-2 days, the international students are informed of their eligibility or ineligibility.

All international-eligible applicants send their admission fee and scan the fee receipt to the admissions staff for their records.

After receiving the admission fee, their documents are forwarded to the migration department for the issuance of an official study invitation. This processing at the migration department takes 2 weeks, and the official study invitation is handed over to the admissions office.

An official study invitation is issued to the international student for his or her visa processing.

Those international applicants who applied for admission in Belarus and, on any grounds, were found ineligible are asked to scan more supportive documents for the completion of the admission process.


The visa process is quite convenient as compared to other European countries, where the refusal ratio is 99% for international students.

Most international students from different countries are issued Belarusian study visas upon arrival, but they must depart with an official study invitation and OK TO BOARD. The visa is stamped at Minsk International Airport for 110 dollars.

Few countries like India, Pakistan, Egypt, and Nigeria have Belarusian embassies, so their nationals must obtain visas before arrival from the embassies, but these nationals may also obtain visas on arrival.

Those international students who want to study their management course in Belarus may contact us freely anytime for their 2024–2025 admission process through the following contact details:.

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Mohannad nashar

September 19, 2019 at 12:20 am

I’m mohannad from Lebanon, graduated this year from saint famille school with a secondary school certificate 10,04 in economics and social studies , so i want to continue studying management in a university at belarus , the problem that my grades at school are not so good and don’t have any certificates in language (french ,english) so what i have to do

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