Mostly Algerian international students are studying at medical and engineering universities.

International Algerian students study their desired courses in Russian after a one-year preparatory course in Russian.

Algerian international students complete their medical and engineering courses and then return to Algeria, and many of them start working in other countries.

Algeria is a well-populated country, and the number of Algerian international students is increasing at Belarusian universities.

Algerian students are always keen to study abroad in Belarus, and Belarus also welcomes Algerian international students warmly due to their previous academic record.


1:General Medicine

Algerian international students come to Belarus every year to study general medicine courses at state medical universities, and Belarus welcomes them warmly at the general medicine faculties.

Algerian international students are normally good at French and Arabic, so in their first year of study, these Algerian students study at the Russian language faculty and then start studying their General Medicine program in Russian.

International Algerian students once admitted to General Medicine faculties are sent an official study invitation letter by the migration department, and then they buy the return air ticket and scan it to the admission office.

Then their OK-TO-BOARD is processed for departure from Algerian International Airport, and a Belarus student visa is issued at Minsk International Airport.


Algerian international medical students always have an interest in studying dentistry, and for this course, they come to Belarus every year and study dentistry courses at state medical universities.

To study dentistry, these Algerian international students come to Belarus after passing their secondary school in Algeria.

Dentistry is offered in Belarus at state medical universities in two languages: Russian and English.

International Algerian students study dentistry in the Russian medium of instruction in Belarus after a 10-month Russian language course at one of the state medical universities.


Pharmacy is also one of the most prominent medical courses among Algerian international students, and they come to Belarus every year to study pharmacy courses at state medical universities.

Pharmacy is also taught in Belarus at medical institutes in both languages, Russian and English.

Algerian students are normally good at French and Arabic, so they prefer to study their pharmacy course in Russian as the medium of instruction in Belarus after a 10-month preparatory course.

Algerian medical students study their pharmacy courses for 5 years and 10 months at one of the medical universities.

Belarus accepts Algerian international students positively at its pharmacy faculties.


Nursing is offered at state medical colleges in Belarus for national and foreign students, and every year Algerian students come to join nursing courses at these medical colleges.

Nursing is offered in Belarus at these colleges in the Russian medium of instruction only, so these Algerian students first study at the Russian language faculty and then start studying their nursing course.

International Algerian students come to Belarus to study at the nursing faculty once they have passed their secondary school in Algeria.

After completion of the nursing course, these Algerian students may practice anywhere in the world or in Algeria.


Accounting is also one of the favorite subjects among Algerian students, and every year in Belarus, at state economics universities, Algerian international students arrive and join accounting faculties.

Algerian students study their accounting courses for both degree levels: Bachelor in Accounting and Masters in Accounting.

International Algerian students join the Belarusian first-year Russian language faculty at one of the state economics universities, and then after this language course, they join their accounting programs for a Bachelor or Masters.

Algerian international students come to study accounting for an undergraduate degree once they have already passed their secondary school in Algeria.

For studying a Masters in Belarus, Algerian international students submit a Bachelor degree that they passed in Belarus or abroad.



Algerian international students obtain their visas at Minsk International Airport with the help of an official study invitation, which is confirmed by the migration department of Belarus, so they do not need to attend the Embassy to obtain a visa.

At present, there is no Belarusian Embassy in Algeria.


In other European countries, admissions are confirmed by the colleges and universities, but in Belarus, invitations and admissions are confirmed by the migration department of Belarus for international students, not by the colleges and universities.

International Algerian students apply for admission at the admission office with their educational certificates and travel passport copies, and if accepted, they are informed, and then these Algerian students send their processing fee for the issuance of official study invitations by the migration department.

Admission issuance time is 2 weeks, once all requirements are received and the official study invitation for studying in Belarus is sent to the international applicant, he or she buys the air ticket, which should be a return air ticket as instructed by immigration for all foreign students who are coming to study at Belarusian universities for the first time.

Once a return air ticket is received by the admissions office, an OK TO BOARD is applied with the immigration at Minsk International Airport, and within 3–4 days, days, an OK TO BOARD is issued and confirmation is sent to the international airport in Algeria, and the applicant may depart from there at any time.

Algerian international students are always more than welcome to study at engineering and medical universities in Belarus.

At all engineering and medical universities, a Russian language course is taught for Algerian international students.


1: International Passport Copy

2: Secondary School Certificate Copy

3: Admission and Visa Processing Charges

Admission documents are accepted by scanning the email from the admission office mentioned below.

Once we receive all the requirements, the visa processing time is 2 weeks.


1: Valid International Passport

2: Official study invitation by the Migration Department of Belarus

3: Educational Certificates (Original)

4: Birth Certificate (Original)

5: Medical Fitness Certificate (by a registered doctor with a stamp)

6: 10 passport-size photographs

Algerian international students pay the visa fee of 110 dollars at the immigration counter, and the visa is pasted into their international passport.

All documents are required in original at Minsk International Airport for immigration clearance.

Our staff members come to Minsk Airport with reception documents for immigration and receive the international student at Minsk International Airport.

Algerian international students interested in studying at universities in Belarus may contact us for their 2024–2025 intake admission:


Ph,WhatsApp : +380506742243



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