study accounting in BelarusSTUDY ACCOUNTING IN BELARUS

Many international students from different countries of the world every year come to study accounting in Belarus and the reason is that we have the best universities for studying accounting here in Belarus.


As we know that the world is based on financial records and matters and we all require a person who will keep managed the financial records properly is called an accountant and in every field of life even at home we play a role of accountant.

Accounting is all about the management of financial records well managed to maintain the proper record of financial dealing and there is no institution no matter private or governmental may properly work without a qualified accountant.

An accountant is a person who may play a key role in the progress of any business or even a super store,He/she is required everywhere and even in any manner.


This is the most right question which may hit your mind once this subject is taught at all study abroad destinations?

Belarus has the best universities to study accounting due to its high standards of education for national and international students at quite affordable cost.

Once you come to study accounting here in Belarus keep sure that you are at right place as after graduation in the field of accountancy,You will earn an European degree which is recognized worldwide.

You may practice anywhere in the field of accountancy globally due to its recognition.


Belarus has a network of commerce universities in every city of Belarus with the faculty of accounting.

Even in capital Minsk at Belorussian Economics University this faculty is available.


As we know that there are many languages spoken in the world but few are common among which is English and French with Russian too.

International students has their own choice that in which medium of instructions they would like to study their accounting course.Either in English or Russian.

There are many countries where the official language is English and they prefer to study in English medium of instructions directly for example Nigeria Ghana Cameroon Namibia South Africa Zimbabwe Zambia etc etc.

There are other countries too where the official language is not English but they prefer to study in English medium of instructions like India Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka Maldives etc etc.

There are other french speaking countries like Algeria Cameroon Comoros Burundi Congo Benin Ivory Coast Gabon Guinea Morocco Senegal Togo Mauritania etc etc.

Students fro these French speaking countries also choose the Belarus for their accounting course but for the first year they study at preparatory faculty for 10 Months to learn Russian with other subjects and after completion of their 10 Months Preparatory program they join their Accounting degree program in Russian medium of instructions.

This same applied on the Arabic speaking countries like Saudi Arabia Qatar Bahrain etc etc.

So no matter which language students know as their native language they may join their accounting program in Belarus at highly recognized universities.


Admission criteria is quite simple for international students as we have the free merit system here in Belarus with passing marks so you just have to scan us your international passport copy with secondary school certificate copy in the admission office Email ( and wait for the result after eligibility assessment.

This eligibility takes just 1-2 days and no matter you are found eligible or ineligible you are informed by the admission office.


1:I am an accounting students,How do i apply for studying in Belarus?

Huge number of foreign students come to Belarus for studying accounting at state economics universities.

In case you want to study accounting in Belarus than you may fill APPLY ONLINE form and submit.Admission office with details will reply.

You may also chat with one of our admission consultant on whats app/viber.

You may also write an Email to admission office and Email address is mentioned below.


2:Which degree levels are available in Belarus for studying accounting at national economics universities?

Accounting is taught for undergraduate and graduate levels in Belarus and foreign students come to Belarus for both degree levels.

Here we put few examples for your better understanding,

For example a Nigerian student want to study accounting at Belarusian economics universities for a bachelor degree,He/She must has passed his/her secondary school already and than only may apply from Nigeria.

Masters in accounting is taught for 2 Years at economics universities so in case a Nigerian student want to study masters in accounting than he/she must present a bachelor degree for admission.

Ghanaian students also require secondary school certificate for admission in Belarus at accounting faculties.

For studying masters in accounting Ghanaian students should have with them an undergraduate degree already.

Cameroonian students also apply with secondary school certificate for accounting education in Belarus.

For masters in Belarus Cameroonian students also should have a bachelor degree with them.

Zambian students also require the same qualification from Zambia in case they want to study accounting at Belarusian economics institutes.

Indian and Pakistani students present 12 Years educational qualification for studying accounting bachelor degree.

For masters admission at accounting faculties Indian and Pakistani students present a bachelor degree.

3:How to send admission documents to Belarus?

Admissions documents are always accepted by scan in the Email of admission office.

4:What happens once i have sent my admission documents to Belarus?

Once admission documents are received,It takes 2 days to assess the eligibility for studying accounting and the you are informed for assessment results.

5:What to do next once i received an eligibility Email from admission office in Belarus?

In case you are fund eligible than you transfer the processing charges for the issuance of official study invitation and send the admission fee receipt to admission office in their Email.

6:How many days it takes to receive my admission letter once i have transferred the admission fee?

Upon receiving the admission fee,Your admission documents are sent to the migration department and there it takes two weeks to be issued an official study invitation.

This official study invitation for studying accounting bachelor or masters course is sent to you.

7:How to obtain Belarus student visa once i have received my study invitation?

For Belarus study visa processing please follow the link below,



So in case you want to take admission for 2020-2021 intakes in Belarus for your accounting degree program please do not hesitate and write us on whats app or by Email freely anytime.


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