study automobile engineering in BelarusSTUDY AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING IN BELARUS

It will be great career oriented decision you will make once you decide to study automobile engineering in Belarus.


We all are quite familiar to automobiles and this degree of automobile engineering is all about the structure,design,repair and manufacturing of automobiles no matter which kind.

Automobile engineering is a very career oriented degree and these automobile engineers are in high demand in all countries.

As we know that in the present age there is no concept of life without vehicles so these are the automobile engineers who are manufacturing and caring for these all kind of automobiles.

These automobile engineers work in the vehicle industries and are highly paid engineers.

This automobile engineering course require a high attention as mostly training period is spent on practicals.


1:A promising career

2:High salaries

3:A lot of high profile job opportunities

4:May work in international auto industries

5:May start own auto business once have a practical knowledge


Belarus offers the best for the study of automobile engineering as it is considered one of the most important subject in Belarus at all technical universities owned by the government of Belarus.

In Belarus this automobile engineering course is taught at modern practical workshops at state technical universities.Theory is also taught by highly professional lecturers in the field of automobile.

Belarus itself is know very well for manufacturing vehicles and the tractors made in Belarus are highly demanded worldwide.

These automobile graduated from any state technical university are eligible to work anywhere in the world as Belarus prepares automobile engineers for the whole world.Degree is automobile engineering from Belarus is accepted worldwide and our graduates are working in many countries in vehicle industries.

Automobile engineering course in Belarus is taught at bachelor,Masters and PhD level.

Bachelor course consists of 4 Years after having secondary school certificate.Masters course in automobile engineering in Belarus consists of 2 Years.

For Masters course only those students qualify who already have a bachelor degree in automobile engineering from Belarus or abroad.

For PhD in Belarus applicants must have a masters degree already in this same field of education.

PhD consists of 3 -4 Years in Belarus.


All national or international students who are interested to study automobile engineering course in Belarus must have passed secondary school first with science subjects.

Admission process is very simple.All international students must scan us their secondary school certificate copy with travel passport copy in the Email of admission office for assessment.

This whole assessment process takes 2 Days maximum and the applicants are informed by admission staff for their eligibility or ineligibility.

Eligible applicants are required to send their admission fee and scan the fee receipt to admission office Email mentioned below.Once the fee receipt is received,Their admission documents are forwarded to migration department for the issuance of official study invitation for visa process.

Processing at migration department takes 2 Weeks maximum and the invitation is sent to the applicant for visa.

All ineligible applicants are required to scan more supporting documents for their admission completion.


Once the invitation is received by the applicant,Most of the nationals depart with the official study invitation and OK TO BOARD for departure from country airport and the visa is stamped at Minsk international airport for 110$.

An insurance fee of 170 Euro is also to be paid at Minsk international airport.

Few countries have Belarus Embassy like Nigeria,India,Pakistan and Egypt so their nationals obtain their visas before arrival from Belarus Embassy in their country but these countries nationals also may obtain on arrival visa.

All international students are strongly advised to scan their air ticket 3 Days before departure for the preparation of their reception documents by admission staff.


International students from Afghanistan every year in Belarus apply for their Automotive engineering courses and join sometimes undergraduate Automobile engineering courses at state universities.

From Bahrain also many international engineering students ask details for Automobile engineering courses and Belarus accepts them at Automotive faculties.

Very rarely Bhutan nationals come to Belarus for joining Automobile engineering courses.

From Brunei also foreign engineering students inquire rarely about Automotive courses taught at different Automobile engineering universities located in Belarus.

Cambodian engineering students also in Belarus sometimes ask details for Automotive courses.

Chinese international engineering students every year in Belarus join in few numbers Auto Mechanic courses.

From Cyprus till now there are in Belarus no international students arrived for studying Automotive engineering courses.

Indian international students love to be in Belarus for their Automobile engineering degree programs and Belarus welcomes them always at its Automotive engineering faculties.

Indonesian engineering students rarely join in Belarus their Automotive engineering courses.

Iranian international students are admitted in Belarus at Automobile engineering institutes every year for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Iraq nationals also love to study Automobile engineering courses and every year they come to Belarus for Automotive courses.

Israel nationals also like to study Automobile courses and Belarus warmly welcomes them at Auto faculties.

Japanese engineering students rarely in Belarus apply for their Auto engineering courses.

International students from Jordan every year in Belarus join their Automotive courses and study for bachelor and masters.

From Kuwait also foreign engineering students come to Belarus for studying their Automotive courses.

Laos nationals never applied in Belarus for studying at Automotive engineering faculties.

Lebanese international students every year in Belarus in few numbers apply for studying at Automobile engineering universities and Belarus always accepts Lebanese international students.

Malaysian international students are welcomed everywhere in the world for their higher education and Belarus also admit them at Automotive faculties.

Maldives nationals never apply in Belarus for joining Auto courses.

Myanmar nationals rarely in Belarus arrive for studying Auto related courses.

Nepalese international students rarely join in Belarus their Auto engineering courses.

North Korean international students come to Belarus rarely and in Years for studying Auto Mechanic courses.

Oman nationals are welcomed always in Belarus for joining Automobile universities.

Palestine nationals love to study Automobile engineering and Belarus always welcomes them at state technical universities.

Philippine nationals never arrive Belarus and joined Auto faculties.

From Qatar Automobile engineering students arrive Belarus sometimes and study for undergraduate Automobile engineering courses.

From Saudi Arabia also foreign engineering students apply for admission every year in Belarus for joining Automobile engineering faculties.

Singapore nationals rarely join in Belarus their Auto engineering courses.

South Korean international students every year in Belarus request for details regarding Auto engineering courses.

Syrian international students love to study Automotive engineering and Belarus accepts them always at state engineering universities.

From Taiwan also admission office in Belarus receive inquiries regarding Automobile engineering studies.

Thailand nationals rarely in Belarus join their Auto related degree courses.

Turkish international students always love too be in Belarus for their Automotive engineering courses and Belarus invites them without any hesitation.

Fromm United Arab Emirates always for students come to Belarus for different technical courses and also for Auto engineering.

From Yemen Belarus never admitted any engineering student at Auto engineering faculty.

Algerian international students look for a study abroad destination always where the tuition fee for Automobile engineering is low and quality of education is high so they choose normally Belarus.

Angolan international students also want to study in a country where they find affordable tuition fee for Automotive engineering and Belarus becomes ideal study abroad country for them.

Benin nationals at present in Belarus has no presence at Automobile engineering faculties.

Botswana nationals always travel to other places in Europe for studying their Automotive engineering degree programs and most of them choose Belarus due to low tuition fee structure.

Burundi nationals has no presence i Belarus at Automobile engineering undergraduate and graduate faculties.

Cameroonian international students consider Belarus as an ideal study abroad destination for studying Automobile engineering and they also consider the tuition fee factor with quality education.

Chad nationals has no present in Belarus at Automotive universities.

Comoros nationals also never arrived Belarus for studying at Automobile universities.

Congolese international students always want to study abroad Automobile engineering courses and they more often come to Belarus and join Automotive engineering universities.

Ivory Coast nationals also love to be in Belarus for joining Automobile engineering institutes.

Egyptian international students has good presence in Belarus but at Automobile engineering universities they have no presence.

Swaziland nationals always like to study engineering abroad and they often come to Belarus for their Auto courses.

Ethiopian international students also choose Belarus for their Automotive engineering courses.

Eritrean international students always like to travel abroad for studying engineering courses and they come to Belarus also.

Belarus rarely admits engineering students from Gabon.

Gambian international students always like to be abroad for their higher education and Belarus also admits warmly Gambian international students at its Automobile engineering institutes.

Ghanaian international students are always admitted in Belarus at engineering colleges and universities.

Ghanaian international students like to study Automotive engineering too.

Guinean international students apply every year for admission in order to be in Belarus as engineering students and Belarus accepts them.

Kenyan international students are brilliant at their studies and Belarus welcomes them at Automotive colleges.

Lesotho nationals never arrived Belarus for joining Auto related courses.

Liberian international students are warmly welcomed in Belarus no matter which engineering course they want to study and they sometimes join Automobile engineering too.

Libyan international students also come to Belarus and join engineering college for studying Auto engineering.

Malawian international students rarely join in Belarus their engineering degree courses.

Malian international students are come to Belarus in Years for their higher education.

Mauritius nationals are brilliant at their studies and Belarus always admits them at Auto faculties.

Mauritania nationals mostly travel to Russia for their engineering concourses but sometimes they come to Belarus also for Auto mechanical courses.

Mozambique nationals never arrive Belarus for joining Automotive colleges.

Morocco nationals are welcomed in Belarus for joining vehicle engineering courses.

Namibian students are known as excellent international students in any country of Europe and Belarus also welcomes them at Automobile colleges.

Nigerian come to Belarus in most numbers as compare to other foreign students and join Automotive faculties.

Rwandan international students also come to Belarus but rarely for studying at Automobile engineering universities and colleges.

Senegalese international students has at present no present in Belarus at Auto colleges.

Sierra Leon nationals are welcomed in Belarus but they rarely join Auto engineering courses.

South African international students every year in Belarus join different technical faculties and some join Automobile studies too.

Sudanese international students upon arrival join different technical courses but rarely study Automotive degree programs.

Tanzanian international students always search for an ideal study abroad destination in Europe for technical courses and they come to Belarus too.

Togolese international students has very little presence in Belarus and none of then is normally found studying Auto engineering course.

Tunisian international students are accepted in Belarus at technical faculties and also at Auto faculties.

Ugandan international engineering students rarely come to Belarus due to poor economic conditions in Uganda.

Zambian international students are known in Belarus as brilliant students so they are accepted warmly at Automotive faculties too.

Zimbabwean international students rarely join Auto courses but Belarus always welcomes them.

Albanian international students sometimes inquire for Automobile engineering details.

Austrian nationals normally do not join in Belarus their Automobile engineering courses.

Belgium nationals rarely inquire in Belarus for the course of Automotive.

Bosnian international students rarely come to Belarus for their Automobile engineering courses at state engineering colleges.

Bulgarian international students also come to Belarus for different technical courses and they also sometimes join Auto mechanical courses.

Croatian international students like to be in Belarus for their higher education and they sometimes join Automotive colleges.

Cyprus is a country where huge number of international students join every year their different courses and sometimes they apply for admission or transfer to Belarus their courses.

Denmark nationals rarely come to Belarus for joining Auto mechanical courses.

Finland nationals also travel abroad often for their higher education and sometimes they come to Belarus too.

France is full of Asian and African communities and from there also foreign engineering international students sometimes come to Belarus for their Automotive courses.

Just like France Germany is also a center of foreign communities so from Germany also engineering students come to Belarus and join state engineering colleges for their Automobile engineering courses.

From Greece at present there is no presence of engineering students at Automotive colleges.

In Belarus sometimes from Hungary also engineering students join different technical courses and also Automotive courses.

From Iceland there is no students at present in Belarus studying his/her Automobile engineering.

Ireland is a prominent country from where Belarus admits engineering students and they sometimes also study Automobile engineering.

From Italy also technical students come to Belarus sometimes and join technical courses.

From Kosovo also international engineering students sometimes ask for details regarding Auto education.

At present in Belarus there is no engineering students from Malta studying Automobile engineering degree program.

Montenegro nationals also sometimes write us for the details of Automotive engineering courses schedule.

From Holland also engineering students rarely join in Belarus their engineering courses.

Fromm Norway sometimes for students request Automobile engineering courses details.

From Macedonia also sometimes Automobile engineering students come to Belarus.

Fromm Portugal international students apply every year in Belarus for different medical and engineering courses and sometimes they join technical colleges too.

Romania is also a country in Europe from where international engineering students come to Belarus sometimes and join technical faculties.

Serbian international students are welcomed always in Belarus for joining engineering degree courses inclusive Automotive courses.

Fromm Slovakia also engineering students join in Belarus their engineering courses at technical colleges.

Slovenian engineering students rarely come to Belarus for their engineering education at state engineering universities.

Sweden is also an European country from where sometimes Automobile engineering courses details are required.

Fromm Spain every year international students inquire for engineering courses.

Switzerland nationals rarely ask details for engineering courses.

Hue number of inquiries are received from United Kingdom and every year from there international students come to Belarus for studying their medical and engineering courses at state universities.

Those all international applicants who are interested in studying automobile engineering in Belarus may contact us through the following details for 2023-2024 intakes in Belarus.

PH,WHATSAPP,VIBER +380506742243





August 31, 2021 at 1:00 pm

Hi good day sir/ma, I’m Eric from Nigeria.
I will love to apply for 2022, I need more details please.

fasika mekonen

October 23, 2022 at 9:59 am

my name is fasika mekonen i live in ethiopia i am 24 years old i have level 5 in automotive powertrain under chancesand automotive management system advanced diploma and i have COC certificate but i don’t have grade 12 certifcate how can i study in your university

Kwadwo Semanu

January 7, 2023 at 12:26 am

Greetings,I have interest in your college and would like to attend.
Besides,I kindly asked that send me admission form.

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