belarus student visaBELARUS STUDENT VISA 2023-2024


A student visa for Belarus is an authorization to enter Belarus and start the course of study.

Every country has these types of visas for foreign nationals. All foreign nationals require a student visa to enter Belarus, no matter what their nationality is.

A student visa is normally issued by the embassies of the countries where an international student is admitted to any university or college and has an admission or invitation letter from the respective university or college.

There are different types of Belarus visas, but this study visa is issued to those who intend to study in Belarus in any academic program and from any corner of the world.

There are no major changes in student visa laws for the 2024 session for international students who intend to study in Belarus.

There are two ways to obtain a Belarus student visa.

1:On Arrival Visa

This visa is issued at the Minsk International Airport to international students who have an official study invitation approved by the migration department of Belarus. They present this invitation before the immigration officer, and they paste the visa in the international applicant’s international passport.

An OK-to-board letter we send to our international applicants enables them to depart from their homeland.

Most nationals of most countries still have the opportunity to obtain their student visas at the Minsk International Airport immigration counter upon arrival, provided they have a valid official study invitation letter approved by the Belarusian migration department.

Most nationals are offered this type of on-arrival visa due to the non-existence of the Belarus Embassy in their country. The visa fee is paid at the immigration counter, and it’s 110 US dollars along with the insurance fee of 170 euros.

It is very necessary that, before departure, all international students scan their return air ticket to the admissions staff in the email mentioned below.

Once a copy of the return air ticket is received, admissions staff prepare the reception documents for immigration at Minsk International Airport.

If an international student is not received by the admissions staff at Minsk International Airport, Belarusian immigration will refuse the visa on the spot at Minsk International Airport, and the student will be deported back to his homeland.


Algeria,Angola,Bulgaria,Bangladesh,Benin,Bermuda,Botswana,Burkina Faso,Burundi,Canada,Cameroon,Cape Verde,Chad,Comoros,Congo,Ivory Coast,Eritrea,Ethiopia,Gabon,Gambia,Ghana,Guinea,Indonesia,Iran,

Morocco,Mozambique,Namibia,Nepal,Niger,Rwanda,Senegal,Somalia,Sri Lanka,Swaziland,Sierra Leon,Tanzania,Togo,Tunis,Uganda,Zambia,Zimbabwe.

During 2024, nationals of the above-mentioned countries may obtain their visas upon arrival at Minsk International Airport, provided they have with them before departure an official study invitation from the migration department and OK-to-board for departure from the country’s international airport.

The immigration officer checks all required documents carefully, and in case everything is provided for the issuance of a Belarus student visa, the immigration officer pastes the visa in the travel passport of the international student and hands it over to admissions staff for further processing at the migration department.


There are certain countries that have a Belarusian Embassy in their territory and must obtain student visas before arriving in Belarus.

They present a set of documents with an official study invitation approved by the migration department of Belarus.Visa issuance time is normally two weeks once an international student submits all required documents at the Embassy of Belarus.

Countries Entitled to an ARRIVAL VISA

Please note that international applicants from the following countries must obtain visas before arrival, as Belarus embassies are located in the following countries:

Turkey,Libya,Egypt,the United Arab Emirates,India,Pakistan,China,Kenya,India,Iran,Iraq,Mongolia,Nigeria,Oman,South Africa,Sudan,Syria, and Vietnam.

A Belarus student visa is usually issued at the Minsk International Airport with the help of an official invitation letter and necessary documents, but not for the nationals of the above-mentioned countries.

These above-mentioned countries nationals present a set of necessary documents before the immigration office, and the visa is pasted into their passport.


If we are not informed about the arrival, the Belarus study invitation does not play any role, and Belarus immigration deports the international student to his or her homeland, so we always advise our applicants to inform us 5 days in advance about their arrival and scan us their air ticket as well.

So we strongly advise the international students to inform us before their arrival.

Arrival Requirements for International Students

1. First-year Tuition Pack

2. Medical fitness certificate (original)

3. A valid international passport

4. Original educational certificates

5. Birth certificate (hard copy)

6. 10 photographs, 4 x 6 cm

7: Official study invitation (approved by the Migration Department of Belarus)

8: OK TO BOARD letter (for on-arrival visa applicants only)

So if you decide to study abroad in Belarus and have an invitation processed by us, do not forget the information provided on this page.

Our dedicated staff is always ready to receive you at the Minsk International Airport once you have informed us.


1:How do I know that I am eligible for an on-arrival visa or before arrival?

There is a list of countries for both conditions where you may check your country to see which Belarus study visa is applied to based on your nationality, on arrival or before arrival.

2:What if my country is listed in the on-arrival Belarus student visa category?

In this case, you must have an official study invitation with you and also be OK TO BOARD for departure from the country airport, and this is all processed once you are found eligible to study in Belarus your desired course.

3:What if I need a Belarus student visa before I arrive?

In both student visa conditions, admission rules do not differ, and you must go through the same admissions processing for studying in Belarus in your course of interest.

To lodge a student visa application at the Belarus Embassy in your country, you must have with you an official study invitation from the migration department.

4:Where is my official study invitation being processed finally?

In Belarus, admissions for foreign students are processed at the migration department, and the processing time is 2 weeks once all the requirements are received.

5:Who will receive me at Minsk International Airport, as this is my first time traveling to Belarus for higher education?

Our admissions staff members will receive you at Minsk International Airport with reception documents for immigration; otherwise, you will be deported back to your homeland.

For any further required information regarding student visa laws for 2024–2025 intakes, please write or call us today, and a quick reply will be ready for you.

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July 5, 2024 at 1:40 pm

Do i need a bank statement to get the visa?


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    Those all nationals who are required to obtain their visas before arrival from Embassy of Belarus in their countries must present a bank statement for Belarus study visa issuance.

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