study project management in BelarusStudy project management in Belarus

It will be a great experience for international students to study project management in Belarus.

What is a project management course?

Project management courses are about learning managerial skills professionally with proper qualifications.

This qualification attained at any university is called project management.

Any project in the government or private sector requires the hiring of project managers who manage and complete that specific project.

Project managers are hired by national and international firms all over the world, but all depend on their skills and professional approach.

These project management degree holders are highly paid professionals.

If you have management skills in your personality, then this degree will give you a high boost in your professional career because, during the study of project management, you will learn better policies and managerial ways.

A project manager is a skilled and qualified leader for any project for which he or she is hired.

Benefits of pursuing a project management degree

1: There are a lot of job opportunities in the national and international markets.

2: Project managers are highly paid professionals as compared to other managerial professions.

3: This degree opens doors for you in the international market.

4: This profession enhances your brain energy.

5: You may become a very successful businessman.


Belarus knows the importance of project management degrees, so these degrees are offered at state universities in Belarus with professional teaching staff and practicals on different projects.

Project management degrees in Belarus are offered at a very affordable price, and the fee is affordable for any international student. That is why international students find the best in Belarus during their project management courses.

Project management courses in Belarus are offered at two levels: bachelor’s and master’s.

A bachelor’s-level degree in project management consists of four years of professional training.

A master’s degree consists of one year, and only those international applicants may join the master’s degree, who already have a bachelor’s degree from Belarus or abroad, and this already-attained bachelor’s degree should not be completed in less than four years.


For a bachelor’s degree admission, all interested international students scan their secondary school certificate with an international passport copy to the email of the admissions office mentioned below.

Once these documents are received by scan, they are checked by the admissions staff for the eligibility or ineligibility of the applicants.

This whole assessment procedure takes two days maximum, and all international applicants are notified by email.

All eligible international applicants are asked to pay the admission fee and scan the receipt to the email address of the admissions staff.

Once the admission fee receipt is received, their documents are forwarded to the migration department for the issuance of an official study invitation.

Ineligible applicants are asked to scan more documents for their admission processing, as Belarus has a free merit system.

Once an official study invitation is issued and approved by the migration department, it is sent to the international student.


There are two options for international students seeking study visas in Belarus.

Those international students whose country does not have a Belarusian embassy depart with an official study invitation and an OK-TO-BOARD for departure. The visa is stamped at Minsk International Airport for 110 dollars.

Few countries like India, Pakistan, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria have Belarusian embassies, so these nationals obtain their Belarus student visas from the Belarusian embassy and then depart, but these nationals may also obtain visas on arrival.

We strictly advise all international students to scan their air ticket copy three days minimum before departure, as we have to prepare their reception documents for immigration.

Interested international students from any country may contact us for their admission to study project management courses in Belarus through the following contact details:

PH,WHATSAPP: +380506742243




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October 28, 2021 at 1:28 am

Iam asking for my friend he graduated from engineering faculty and now he wants to continue masters ,can you suggests please some universities in belarus

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