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At present more than 1100 Indian students are studying at different universities and faculties in Belarus and more applications are in process for 2023-2024 intakes.

India is a very large country with different languages spoken in different regions but mostly people has the knowledge of English well as right from the school English language is taught as a subject.

So mostly students from India prefer to study their desired degree programs in English medium of instructions directly.Some study at preparatory faculty too.

Mostly Indian students come to join MBBS degree program in English medium of instructions.Many are studying at Engineering faculties too.

Good hostels are available for students and Indian food is also available.Universities are approved by MCI and WHO.

Students from India obtain their visas from Belarus Embassy in Delhi city.

Indian students do not feel that they are away from homeland as they have a large Indian community in Belarus.


According to admission process at a Belarus university students scan their secondary school certificate copy with international passport copy in the email of admission office ( for assessment of their admission documents.

This admission assessment is done within 1-2 Days and the applicant is informed about his/her eligibility or ineligibility.In case found eligible than the applicant sends the admission processing fee inclusive courier charges.Once admission staff receives the transfer receipt of admission fee they forward the documents of the applicant for processing and this processing takes 2 Weeks time.

After issuance of the official study invitation approved by the migration department it is couriered on the address provided by the applicant.

In other European countries admissions are confirmed by the colleges and universities but in Belarus invitations/admissions are confirmed by the Migration department of Belarus for international students not by the colleges and universities.

Admission Requirements

1:International Passport Copy

2:Educational Certificate Copy (12 Years)

3:Processing Charges

All above documents are accepted by scan.

Once we receive the all requirements the official study invitation processing time is 2 Weeks.


Students from India obtain their student visa from the Belarus Embassy located in India city Delhi.

They present a set of documents with original study invitation approved by the migration department with valid passport and sit for an interview at Embassy.

Normally visa issuance time is two weeks at Belarus Embassy in India for students.

Visa fee is 60$ and keep sure that Embassy does not work with any agent in India so you must present yourself everything at Embassy otherwise your application is rejected normally.

A study visa for Belarus in India is issued for 90 Days.


1:Valid International Passport

2:Official study invitation approved by Migration department of Belarus

3:Educational Certificates (Original)

4:Birth Certificate (Original)

5:Medical Fitness Certificate (By a registered doctor with stamp)

6:Passport size photographs 10

7:Medical Insurance

8:Visa Application Form(Filled)

9:Return Ticket Booking slip

10:Bank Statement


1:I am from India so how do i apply for studying in Belarus my desired course?

Indian students are always warmly welcomed at Belarusian universities for different courses and in case you want to study in Belarus than may fill the APPLY ONLINE FORM and send to admission office.

You may also chat with one of or admission consultant on whats app/viber.

From India you may also send an Email to admission office.


2:Which documents are required from an Indian student for admission in Belarus?

First of all you must hold a 12 Years educational certificate for admission at any undergraduate faculty.

You should also have a valid travel passport.

For masters in Belarus you must have an undergraduate degree with you.

PhD applicants from India must have a masters degree with them.

3:How may i send admission documents from India to Belarus?

Once you have received your desired course details than you may scan your educational documents with travel passport copy in the Email of admission staff.

We never recommend international students to send their original documents by courier services.

4:What to wait for once i have scanned my admission documents?

Once admission office has received your admission documents,You have to wait for 2 Days unless admission staff assess the admission eligibility.

Once assessment is completed,an eligibility Email is sent to the eligible applicants in India.

5:Once i am found eligible than what to do next?

Eligible applicants from India send their admission fee and scan the admission fee transfer receipt to admission office.

6:When i receive my official study invitation from Belarus once i have transferred admission fee?

Once your admission fee is received by admission office,Your admission documents are forwarded to migration department and they issue the official study invitation within 2 Weeks of time.

Once it is issued than,Official study invitation is sent to you in India for Belarus student visa processing.

7:Where i will obtain my Belarus student visa once i already have received original study invitation in India?

Belarus Embassy is located in India and all Indian students obtain their Belarus study visa from the Embassy of Belarus in India.

Once study invitation is received by you in India than you have to complete the student visa file before submitting your visa case at Belarus Embassy in India.


8:What to do next once i have been issued Belarus student visa?

Once you have collected your passport with student visa from Belarus Embassy in India than you must scan your study visa copy with return air ticket to admission staff.

Admission staff prepares your reception documents as they have to receive you at Minsk international airport.

Reception documents are required by immigration at Minsk international airport for all foreign students travelling first time to Belarus.

Once admission staff receive you at Minsk international airport,Admission office manage your studies and hostel in Belarus.

If you want to study in Belarus any course than may call or write us today for a quick admission process.You may contact us right now through the following details.


WhatsApp & Viber: +380506742243



June 30, 2018 at 9:48 pm

Want to take admission in Masters from Belarus

Ranjot singh

July 23, 2018 at 7:38 pm

Hello I want to study in Belarus kindly tell me the procedire

Akash borad

August 12, 2018 at 8:17 pm

I will get only 90 days visa after that what can I do ?

kumar sundaram

September 11, 2018 at 7:53 pm

i want to know that the visa fees is just 60$ which is 4200 inr or is it more than this
also main ques is 60 dollars is includin services charges and gst or free from taxes


July 12, 2021 at 10:26 pm

Is indian exam of NEET compulsory to get into your university for MBBS.

Is Biology subject compulsory to do MBBS in your university

Uche ikpon

July 15, 2022 at 12:26 pm

I need a student Visa for my son

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