study statistics in BelarusSTUDY STATISTICS IN BELARUS

We welcome international students who want to study statistics in Belarus at state universities.


Statistics course in Belarus is taught at many state owned universities by highly professional lecturers.

The quality of education for statistics in Belarus is very good and this the reason that statistics degree from Belarus is well accepted at all over the world and these graduates has option to work in any country of the world.

The state universities in Belarus where foreign students study their statistics degree program are situated almost in every major city and at these all universities many foreign students are study at statistics faculties.

Any international student with secondary school certificate may qualify for the admission at statistics faculty.

For masters in statistics degree applicants must hold a bachelor degree.


Statistics course is taught on undergraduate level for 4 Years after secondary school and masters in statistics is taught for 2 Years at state universities in Belarus.


International applicants are required to scan their school leaving certificate with travel passport copy for admission assessment in the Email of admission office.

Masters course applicants also scan their bachelor degree copy earned from Belarus or abroad.

Within two days of time these foreign students are notified by Email for their eligibility.

Eligible applicants transfer their admission charges and scan the transfer receipt to admission staff in the same Email which they used to send their admission documents.

As admission office receive the admission charges,admission documents are sent to the migration department for issuance of study invitation which takes 2 Weeks to be issued.

There are sometimes students who are found ineligible on academic grounds so they are requested to scan more supporting certificates.

Once issued this official study invitation is sent to the applicant for visa processing.


Belarus has the easiest visa processing for international students as foreign students depart with the invitation by migration department and OK TO BOARD letter.

Visa is stamped at Minsk international airport for 110$ and an insurance fee of 170 Euro also to be paid at immigration counter.

There are few countries which are having Belarus Embassies so their nationals must obtain visa before departure and scan us their student visa copy 3 Days minimum before departure.

These few countries are Nigeria,India,Egypt and Pakistan but these countries nationals may also obtain visa on arrival.

We advise foreign students to must scan us their air ticket 3 Days minimum before departure as admission staff has to prepare their reception documents for immigration at Minsk international airport.

International applicants who want to study statistics in Belarus may contact us for their 2023-2024 admissions at state universities in Belarus.

PH,WHATSAPP,VIBER: +380506742243



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