Study Masters in Belarus 2024-2025

Before writing about studying Masters in Belarus for 2024–2025 intakes, we must know what a Masters degree actually is.

What is a master’s degree?

A master’s degree in Belarus or anywhere in the world is a more qualified degree earned after a bachelor’s degree.

A masters degree holder is known to be a more qualified person than a bachelor degree holder and to have more career masters in belarus 2019-2020

Some international students earn their bachelor degree and do not wish to study more to enhance their qualifications at postgraduate level.

In 2024, it will become a more prominent qualification for job seekers, so if you are a bachelor degree holder now, it will be good for you to earn a masters degree right now.

Those international students who want to be more authentic in their field, study for their masters degree, and they always have more chances of a bright future.

Almost every masters program is followed by a bachelor program, and even after a masters program, international students sometimes study their M.Phil. to follow a PhD program, so without a masters degree, no one may qualify for a M.Phil. and then a PhD.

So we recommend that once you have earned a bachelor degree and circumstances are good, you should study for a masters degree to be more qualified in your professional life.


The duration of a master’s degree varies from case to case in Belarus.

If you already have a bachelor degree, you will study 1, 1.5, or 2 years for a masters degree in Belarus, but if you are qualified for a bachelor degree in Belarus, then a masters degree will be for one year of study normally.

If you want to study MBA (Masters in Business Administration), than in any case, this masters degree will be for 1.5 or 2 years, no matter if you already have a bachelor degree.

For other fields, for example, if you have earned a bachelor degree in computer science, information technology, etc. from Belarus, the duration of the masters course will be 1 or 2 years from the same university.

So just adding 1 or 2 years of qualifications will be a great boost for your practical life in the respective field.


A masters degree can be earned in any field like computer science, information technology, biomedical engineering, aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, nursing, civil engineering, economics, finance, banking, etc.

But again, the MBA will last for 1.5 or 2 years in any case.

So the master’s degree is offered in all fields of education.


Anyone who has a bachelor’s degree may qualify for a master’s program in Belarus in the relevant field, or sometimes in a different field of study, but some subjects matter.

So if you want to study a masters program in Belarus, you may apply now for 2024–2025 intakes. As for a masters program, there is no admission deadline in Belarus, but you must hold a bachelor degree already.


1:A master’s degree always plays a great role in your practical life, as after earning a master’s degree, you are a more qualified person and may work in the government and private sectors more progressively.

2:Once you have a bachelor’s degree, you are given preference over other graduates, as you are considered a more qualified person. This edge helps you everywhere in your career.

3:Suppose you have a bachelor’s degree and are doing a job, then you may privately earn a master’s degree, and right on your job, you may have more benefits as you become a more qualified and authentic worker for that job.

4:You only study at the master’s level to earn a master’s degree, provided you are positively ready for that, because the strength of your qualification lies in your ambitions.

5:Once you have a bachelor’s degree, you are required in the different fields of practical life, but once you have a master’s degree, you are more required by the government and private sectors.

6:If you have a special field in mind and for that you have earned a bachelor’s degree, then keep sure that a master’s degree will make you a mastermind in that field.

7:You always have the opportunity to study for your master’s degree if you are ready for it, as master’s degrees are not only offered at universities, but you may earn them privately if you are already busy in your job.

8:Belarusian universities offer master’s degrees in all fields, and most of the master’s degrees in Belarus are offered in English as a as a medium of instruction, so for international students with knowledge of the English language, it becomes easier to pursue their master’s degrees in Belarus.

9:Most master’s degree programs in Belarus are offered for 1 or 1.5 years of education, so you normally do not need to study for 2 years for your master’s degree.

10:No matter where you have earned a bachelor’s degree, you qualify to study for a master’s degree in Belarus as an international student.


As we all know, engineering is a very vast and important field in the world, so in Belarus, engineering education is also of huge value.

That is the reason that in Belarus, engineering education for international students is provided at all levels.

There are bachelor’s degrees in engineering and also master’s degrees in engineering in Belarus, which are offered in all fields.

In Belarus, masters in engineering courses are offered in the fields of computer engineering, civil engineering, architecture engineering, mining engineering, aeronautical engineering, oil and gas engineering, chemical engineering, etc.

Many courses are offered in English as the medium of instruction for international students, and some in Russian.

A masters in engineering is offered in Belarus for 2 years, and sometimes 1 year or 1.5 years. The duration of a master’s degree program depends on the course.

Once international students earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering in Belarus, they qualify for a master’s degree at the same university without any problem.

International students who earn their master’s degree in their own country also qualify for a master’s degree at engineering universities in Belarus.

All engineering universities in Belarus offer a masters degree too at the same university, so international students do not need to change their university after a bachelor’s degree from the same university.


There are many business and management universities that offer master’s programs in business, economics, finance, management, and banking, so international students have a huge choice in Belarus for their master’s degree courses.

These courses are offered in English as a medium of instruction in Belarus for international students, and the same universities have preparatory faculties for those international students who are not good at English.

These management degree programs are of high value and offered by the highly professional teaching staff at Belarusian universities.

The duration of the courses is normally 1 year and 1.5 years, but some specific master’s courses are offered for two years.

Interested international students must hold a bachelor’s degree to pursue a master’s degree at any Belarusian university.


National students of Belarus study their master’s degree programs in Russian, while international students normally prefer to study their master’s degree programs in English.

Every university that offers Masters degree programs in Belarus has a preparatory department that teaches international students Russian for 10 months to prepare them for a Masters degree program, but this applies only to those international students who are not good at English or who want to study on a low budget.

It is obvious that courses in the English medium of instruction are a bit more expensive than the courses in the Russian medium of instruction all over the Belarusian universities.


International students who want to pursue a master’s degree at Belarusian universities must hold a bachelor’s degree.

No matter this bachelor degree they earned from a university in Belarus or anywhere in the world.


1:International Passport Copy

2:Bachelor degree copy

3:Processing Fee (After Eligibility Assessment)

These documents are accepted by scanning them into the email of the admissions office ( 


International students who are interested in studying for a master’s degree in Belarus may apply throughout the year, as there are no admission deadlines for a master’s program.

Anytime, international applicants may scan their documents for eligibility assessment and may join their master’s program throughout the year.

For admission into any Masters degree program for 2024–2025 intakes, you may contact us freely through the communication means mentioned below, and a fast admission service will be provided for you right now.




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please l have bachelor degree in psychology, l want to apply for masters degree in psychology. l want to know universities in Belarus that offers psychology at postgraduate level and their different area of specialty


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I’m interested in Master program in BSU , I have a bachelor degree from Damaskus.


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