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We welcome international students who want to study geology in Belarus.

What is a geography course?

Geology is all about the earth and its environment, no matter the past, present, or future.

These degree holders are the key persons who deliver the knowledge of earth sciences and any changes forthcoming in this regard.

They analyze the physical and environmental changes of the earth, so we may understand how important a geologist is, as the earth is the base of mankind and the whole world is based on this knowledge.

These are the geologists who detect any harmful changes to the earth and environment, and in the present and future world, they play a very important role and are highly demanded professionals.

They work everywhere and in every industry, no matter whether it’s road construction or building construction. Only after their approval is any project related to the earth started, as they detect future disasters related to the earth and environment.

They are highly paid professionals, as without their professional skills, no industry may progress, no matter whether government or private, as they work in the oil and construction industries, and even they warn about the future risks related to any project on earth.

Why Study Geology in Belarus?

Now we come to the main reason why we chose Belarus for the geology degree programs.

Belarus has the best state-owned universities where geology courses are taught according to the requirements of the present and future world.

Geology students are given their best during the whole degree program in Belarus by the highly professional teaching staff with the most modern techniques and equipment.



This is the first degree, and any international student who has passed secondary school in his or her country may apply for the first degree in geology. Bachelor degrees in geology consist of 4 years after a 10-month preparatory course with science subjects. Once an international student has this degree from Belarus, they may practice in any country in the world, as their earned geology degree in Belarus is globally recognized.


Once an international student has a bachelor degree in geology, no matter whether they are from Belarus or their homeland, they qualify for a masters degree in geology at any state-owned university in Belarus. A master’s degree in geology consists of two years in Belarus.

3: PhD

Once a student has already earned a earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree, he or she may join the PhD program in Belarus for geology.

A PhD in Belarus consists of 3–4 years and may be joined after a 10-month preparatory course.


There are 3 levels of education in geology available in Belarus, so international applicants who want to join their bachelor degrees in geology may scan their SSC certificate with an international passport copy to the admissions office in their email.

The admissions office assesses the documents and, after 2 days, informs the applicant about his or her eligibility.

Eligible applicants transfer their admission fee, and the processing time after we receive the admission fee is 2 weeks at the migration department, as in Belarus, the admissions for international students are only approved by the migration department.

Masters course applicants must scan their bachelor degree for eligibility assessment.

International applicants may contact us for their 2024-2025 intake admission in Belarus through the following contact details:

PH,WHATSAPP: +380506742243




Gajender Kumar

July 14, 2020 at 6:40 pm

Hello Sir/Mam, I am a Ph.D. student in India. My thesis is in the last phase. Is there any scope for PDF (post-doctoral fellowship) in Belarus.

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