study environmental engineering in Belarus

Study Environmental Engineering in Belarus


Studying environmental engineering in Belarus will be a great academic experience for foreign students at national technical universities.

What is an Environmental Engineering Course?

Environmental engineering degree programs are all about the safety of people in the world, which is why this program is very valuable.

The environmental engineering degree programs are a combination of all science subjects.

During this course, international students learn techniques to save people from natural problems like pollution due to different wastes or any other harmful natural effects in the environment.

These are the engineers who help to improve safer living conditions for people, and because of this, environmental engineering programs are known as a very important subject for society.

These environmental engineers normally work in the safety and health sectors of government.

Benefits of Studying Environmental Engineering

1: Helpful for mankind

2: A lot of studying and specialization options

3: A very well-paid job sector for environmental engineers

4: Environmental engineering has many important fields of study.

5: A very respectful profession

6: Worldwide career opportunities with such high salaries

So now we know the nature of environmental engineering courses, no matter where you study them.

Where can I study environmental engineering in Belarus?

Belarus has technical universities where these courses are taught at environmental engineering faculties by highly professional teaching staff with the most modern techniques.

Environmental engineering degrees from Belarus are acknowledged worldwide, and graduates may work anywhere in the world.

Environmental engineering courses in Belarus are taught at the bachelor level after secondary school, at the masters level after having an undergraduate degree, and then at the PhD level in environmental engineering.

The bachelor degree in environmental engineering course in Belarus consists of 4 years.

A master’s degree in environmental engineering consists of 2 years, and then you may proceed with a PhD in Belarus, which consists of 3–4 years.


The admissions process is easier to understand and follow. All international applicants may scan their secondary school certificate with a travel passport copy for assessment to the admissions office in the email written below.

Secondary school-passed international students may apply for an undergraduate degree in environmental engineering at technical universities in Belarus.

All of these international applicants must have studied science subjects during secondary school education to qualify for environmental engineering courses.

For admission in masters, international applicants must scan their bachelor degree too for eligibility assessment.

Once admissions staff receives these admission documents, the assessment takes 1-2 days, and the international applicants are informed by email of their eligibility or ineligibility.

Foreign students who are found eligible send their admission fee, and their documents are forwarded to the migration department for the issuance of an official study invitation, which is required for visa processing and admission.

Ineligible applicants are asked to provide more supportive documents for their admission procedures.

The official study invitation processing time is 2 weeks at the migration department.


Almost all international students who have received the official study invitation approved by the migration department may depart with this invitation and an OK TO BOARD letter from their homeland, and the visa is stamped at Minsk International Airport for 110 dollars.

Some countries have Belarusian embassies, so those nationals must obtain their visas before arrival, for example, Nigeria, India, Egypt, Kenya, and Pakistan, but these nationals may also obtain visas on arrival.

So those foreign students who want to study environmental engineering in Belarus may contact us anytime for the 2024–2025 admission process.

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