study biochemistry in Belarus

Study Biochemistry in Belarus


Belarus has a great option for those international students who want to study biochemistry in Belarus, as there are many universities that offer biochemistry degree programs with highly modern techniques.


Biochemistry is all about the chemical processing of living creatures. It’s a science degree program that is a combination of chemistry and biology and is normally studied or taught at modern-tech laboratories.

These biochemists are the masters at chemical processing in the human body through biological processes.

These biochemists have knowledge of molecular bases and their functions in living organisms.

Biochemists have knowledge of cell communication within organisms. These biochemists are best at the knowledge of cells in human organisms, and they try to find out the best way to cure the body through cell interactions.


1:They are the innovators in understanding how life is actually based on organisms.

2:They are, at times, pharmacists and, may say, doctors.

3:Biochemists work closely with all life- and health-related professions all over the world.

Where are normal biochemicals required?

1: First of all, they are required at hospitals, as they have adequate knowledge of the organisms inside.

2: They also work at colleges and universities in laboratories or in teaching skills.

3: They are highly required in the food industry due to their higher levels of human health and its requirements.

4: They also work in the cosmetic industry, as they have full knowledge of chemical propositions related to humans.

5: These biochemists are highly required by well-known pharmaceutical industries.

Overall, biochemistry is all about living organisms and is the most important subject in the modern world, as nowadays, chemical propositions are the main part of everything used by humans.


In Belarus, biochemistry is taught in high-modern laboratories at many universities with highly skilled teaching staff and in the capital of Belarus, Minsk.



Biochemistry is taught for 4 years as a degree program at different universities in Belarus, and it is called the first degree to be a biochemist.


If, after your first degree, you want to study more to enhance your capability and knowledge, Belarus has the option for international and national students to study their top-up program for 1 year at the masters level.


All international students are welcome to study their degree programs or masters in biochemistry in Belarus at highly equipped universities in the world of science.

Interested international students may scan us their secondary school certificate copy for bachelor programs in biochemistry with an international passport copy.

Once we receive the scanned document copies in the admissions office email, it takes 2 days to assess the documents, and the international applicant is informed about his or her eligibility or ineligibility.

In this case, an eligible international applicant transfers his or her admission fee, and once the admissions office receives the admission fee, it takes 2 weeks to issue the official study invitation after approval by the migration department.

After the issuance of the official study invitation, it is sent to the address of the international student by courier, and he or she may depart.

For most countries, visas are issued upon arrival at Minsk International Airport.


1:I am a foreign student, so how do I apply for admission in Belarus to study biochemistry?

Belarus always welcomes foreign students to its faculties of biochemistry at state universities.

You may contact admissions staff through the WhatsApp or email.

You may send an email too, and the email address is mentioned below.

You may fill out the apply-online form and send it to the admissions office in Belarus.


2:What qualifications do I require to have for studying at Belarusian state universities in my biochemistry program?

For admission to biochemistry undergraduate faculties, you should have a secondary school certificate with you and also an international passport for traveling.

Nigerian international students who want to study in the biochemistry undergraduate program in Belarus should have a secondary school certificate, while for masters in Belarus, Nigerian international students must hold a bachelor degree.

International Ghanaian students also present a secondary school certificate for admission to biochemistry undergraduate faculties.

Ghanaian international students who want to study a masters in biochemistry must have a bachelor degree to be considered for admission.

International Cameroonian students also require the same qualifications for admission to undergraduate faculties as Nigerian and Ghanaian international students.

For masters programs, Cameroonian international students must have passed their bachelor degree program, no matter if they are from Cameroon or abroad.

International Zambian students always love to study biochemistry, and once they decide to study biochemistry courses in Belarus, they must hold a secondary school certificate with them.

For masters in biochemistry, Zambian international students also require a bachelor degree to present before the admissions office.

Indian international students are required to submit their 12-year educational certificate for admission to biochemistry undergraduate faculties.

Pakistani students also submit the same qualification proof for admission to biochemistry faculties in Belarus.

3:How do I submit my admission documents to study at Belarusian universities for my biochemistry program?

You do not need to send your original admission documents by courier service, as we do not need original documents for admission eligibility assessment.

We accept the scanned copies of the admission documents mentioned in the email.

Admission documents should be scanned in readable format.

4:What should I do in case I am found eligible to study biochemistry degree programs in Belarus?

You will be required to send your admission fee and send us the receipt for our records.

5:How many days does it take to be issued my official study invitation?

Once the admission fee is received, your documents are forwarded to the migration department, and within 2 weeks, your official admission letter is issued and handed over to admissions staff.

Admissions staff sends an official admission letter to you, as you must require it for your Belarus study visa processing.

6:Where do I have to apply for my Belarus student visa once I am admitted by the migration department?

For Belarusian student visa information, please follow the link below:


In case you are looking for admission in biochemistry abroad, you may write freely on WhatsApp or by email for 2024–2025 intakes.

WHATSAPP +380506742243




Otoo Michael

March 11, 2019 at 10:08 pm

My name is Otoo Michael. I am a first year Biological Science student in the University of Ghana. It has been my dream to study Biochemistry in Belarus. One hindrance to my application has been how I was going to fund my academic fees. I would want to ask if there are any financial aid for international students.

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