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LANGUAGE?language course in belarus

Whenever we want to say something to anyone the source we use is called language.

There are a lot of languages in the world and normally all people do not know the all languages.

Every country has its own language spoken for communication between two people and it is the most important factor for communication.

For example if you travel to other country where a different language is spoken than you do not feel comfortable so it is very important to learn the language of the country where you are going to study work or reside.

It is normally not that easy to learn the language because there are many factors but if you intend to learn the other language than there is no problem but it takes some time and after learning the language of a new country you feel much comfortable in the new society no matter for which purpose you are living there.


As you know that years back Belarus was the part of Russian Federation so in Belarus Russian language is spoken well.

So if you are going to live in Belarus for any purpose you should learn their language to feel comfortable in the society of Belarus.

Once you know the Russian language there will be no problem at all in Belarus for you to communicate with the people of Belarus.

Even there are a lot of foreigners in Belarus from other countries who do not know your language so they all communicate in Russian language.

So you know now that language is the source only you should learn first if possible to move around in Belarus.

This Russian language spoken in Belarus is not only for the Belarus but in many other countries like Ukraine Estonia Latvia Lithuania Russia Moldova  Azerbaijan Armenia Georgia and few more.

Even if you know Russian language that you will find people all over the world in any country who speak Russian language.


You may learn Russian language anywhere and in any country and maybe in  your country too but the difference stands when you can not put it into practical life.

But if you start learning Russian language in Belarus that a huge plus is that you have always usage of this language while moving in society.

Russian language course is taught at many universities and colleges in Belarus.

Some people learn this language because they have come for studying in Belarus and after this language course they join their degree programs in universities.

If you simply want to learn Russian language than also we have course for 10 months normally at colleges in Belarus.

Language course admissions are normally going on throughout the year and there is no deadline for 2021-2022 intakes.

We have the best option for the applicants.You may select one of the following level language course according to your budget.


Duration: 10 Months

Medium Of Instructions: English to Russian

Registration,Hostel for duration of course,Medical inspection,Transport,Registration Fee,Translation and Intermediary firm charge: 3,800$

Complete First Year Charges:  3,800$



Duration: 10 Months

Medium Of Instructions: English to Russian

Tuition Fee: 2,390$

One Year Accommodation Fee: 600$

Medical inspection,Transport,Registration Fee,Translation and Intermediary firm charge: 1,550$

First Year Tuition Pack: 4,540$

So if you are ready to learn the Russian language in Belarus than write us today for a fast admission process for 2020-2021 intakes.We guarantee you a quick admission processing throughout the year.


1:How do i apply for admission at Russian language faculty?

You may send an Email to admission office and you will be replied quickly with all admission requirements.

You may also contact on whats app/viber with one of the admission team members.

You may fill the APPLY ONLINE form and send to admission office.


2:Who need to learn Russian language course?

Any foreign students may join Russian language course at universities and colleges in Belarus for learning the Russian language.

Foreign students from Arabic and French speaking countries study their general medicine,dentistry,pharmacy,nursing and engineering courses in Russian medium of instructions so these students normally are admitted at Russian language faculty before starting their degree program.

Those foreign students who are good at English do not require to be enrolled at Russian language faculty for the first year in case their desired course is taught in English medium of instructions in Belarus.

3:What qualification is required for studying at Russian language faculties in Belarus?

You must hold a secondary school certificate with you in case you want to be enrolled at Russian language faculty.

For example Nigerian students are brilliant at English as in Nigeria English is the official language but sometime these Nigerian students choose a course in Belarus which is not taught in English medium of instructions so in such cases these Nigerian students first year study at preparatory faculty for Russian language and than start their degree programs.

Ghanaian students are also brilliant at English but same conditions apply on Ghanaian students too like Nigerian students and these Ghanaian students also require to have secondary school certificate with them for admission in Belarus.

Cameroonian students know French and English normally and it depends on region to region in Cameroon so those Cameroonian students who are coming from French speaking region normally prefer to study their degree courses in Russian medium of instructions after Russian language course.

Zambian students also know English very well but in case any Zambian student choose a course which is not taught in English medium of instructions study first year at Russian language faculty and than join his/her degree program in Russian medium of instructions.

Indian and Pakistani students know English well but same condition apply on Indian and Pakistani students.

Indian and Pakistani students are required to have 12 Years educational certificate for admission.

4:How do i send my documents for studying Russian language course?

You may scan your documents in the Email of admission staff for admission eligibility assessment.

5:What to do next in case i received an eligibility letter by admission office in Belarus?

In case you are found eligible than you will send the admission fee through bank transfer and send the admission fee bank transfer receipt to admission office for their record.

6:When i will receive my official admission letter from Belarus?

After receiving the admission fee,Your documents are mailed to the migration department for the issuance of official admission letter,At migration department it takes 2 weeks to be issued and than admission office send this official admission letter to you in your country.

7:Where i will obtain my Belarus student visa once i am admitted for Russian language course?

For Belarus student visa information please visit the following link.


Interested applicants may contact us through following details right now.





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Please contact me via mail or whats app


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Belarus language course how much Indian Rupee US Dollar


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I want to follow a German Language course at an university in Belarus which approved by German. Please send me more details.

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i need student invitation first language courses


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How much processing fees for foreign students


December 15, 2020 at 5:20 am

Is it possible to attend Russian language course in this December ?How long it will take?How much it is cost?what is the Visa process.Kindly let me know as soon as possible.

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