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South African students has always been coming to Belarus for their higher education in different areas of studies and almost at every state university South African students has good presence.

South African students mostly come to Belarus for studying medical courses at general medicine and nursing faculties.

For 2022-2023 also South African students are applying for admission at medical and engineering faculties.

South Africa is a hub of foreign nationals and from different African countries foreigners reside there and they often send their children to Belarus for their higher education.

Belarus always warmly accepts students from South Africa at all state engineering and medical universities.

South African students come to Belarus for their medical education from different cities of South Africa.

General medicine and Nursing are their favorite degree programs and these both medical faculties South African students has good presence always.

South African students also join other faculties in Belarus like engineering and business courses and also social science degree programs.


There is Embassy of Belarus in South Africa where South African students apply their Belarus student visa once they have been accepted by migration department and have with them official study invitation.

South African students once receive the study invitation from Belarus collect the rest of required documents for lodging their Belarus study visa application and apply a student visa at Embassy of Belarus in South Africa.

Belarusian study visa issuance time if normally 2 Weeks once a complete visa file has been submitted by the South African national.

All South African students apply for their Belarus visa themselves without any intermediary agent in South Africa.


1:Travel passport

2:Official study invitation by migration department in Belarus

3:All original educational documents

4:Birth certificate

5:Travel insurance

6:Filled visa application form

7:Medical fitness certificate by any registered doctor with his/her sign and stamp



South African students who have completed their secondary school are eligible to apply for admission in Belarus for their medical or engineering courses.

Documents for admission are accepted by scan and are assessed by admission staff within 2 Days of time.

Eligible applicants send their admission fee and their documents are forwarded to the migration department for the issuance of official study invitation where it takes 2 Weeks to be processed.

Once issued,study invitation is sent to the applicant through courier service as he/she must require original study invitation for lodging Belarus visa application at Embassy of Belarus in South Africa.

Admissions for all foreign nationals are issued by migration department in Belarus not by the universities or colleges like in other European countries.

For eligibility assessment admission staff require the secondary school certificate copy for undergraduate courses admission by scan with travel passport copy while for masters courses admission a bachelor degree copy is also required for assessment.


Cape town is the most populated city in South Africa and from this city many South African international students come to Belarus every year for studying at medical and engineering universities their desired degree courses.

There are not only South African nationals come to Belarus for their higher education but many other countries nationals also reside in Cape Town and they also join in Belarus their higher education.

In Belarus at almost all state universities these residents of Cape Town has been studying always and they have brilliant academic record.

Durban is the second largest city in South Africa from where medical and engineering South African international students come to Belarus for their higher education at state owned universities.

In Durban also many nationalities reside among South African nationals and from Durban different nationalities come to Belarus for studying Nursing,General Medicine,Dentistry,Pharmacy and specialization courses in the area of medical.

These residents of Durban in South Africa also come to study their engineering courses in Belarus and Belarus warmly accepts them at its state universities.

Johannesburg is a business hub of South Africa and a most beautiful city in South Africa.

Johannesburg is third largest in population among other cities of South Africa and from this city many international South African students come to Belarus and study at different medical,engineering and business faculties.

List of engineering universities in Belarus is also found on this website with an application link.

South African international students has great academic record in Belarus and they are every year welcomed at state universities warmly.

International students from South Africa who receive a study invitation from Belarus apply their Belarus visa at Embassy of Belarus in South Africa.

Soweto is the 4th largest populated city in South Africa and South African international students from Soweto city also apply every year in Belarus for their admission at state universities.

As compare to first three populated cities of South Africa of course from Soweto less South African students come to Belarus for studying at medical and engineering universities but there are every year.

No matter from which city of South Africa these international medical students or international engineering students come from,They are accepted at state universities located in different cities of Belarus.

Pretoria is the fifth largest populated city in South Africa and many South African students in Belarus come from Pretoria city.

Belarus Embassy in South Africa is also located in the city of Pretoria so these residents of Pretoria who receive a study invitation from Belarus apply their Belarus visa in Pretoria.

In Belarus almost at every medical and engineering university residents of Pretoria has been studying and among these South African international students there are most number of Nursing students.

These all South African international students are admitted in Belarus at one of the state universities provided they have passed their Secondary school.

We welcome students from South Africa to Belarus for their higher education at medical and engineering faculties and they may contact us freely anytime through the following contact details.

Ph,Whats app,Viber: +380506742243



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