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Namibia is a country where  education matters a lot.It is proved by the Namibian medical students who are studying in Belarus at medical universities and also at other universities.

Belarus welcomes Namibian students for undergraduate and graduate courses in all fields of education for the 2024 intake.

The major city from which students arrive in Belarus is Windhoek, and it is also the capital of Namibia.

There are some other cities too in Namibia, but very few students come from those smaller cities due to the very low population ratio.

Namibian international students depart from the Windhoek international airport to Minsk international airport.

As the official language of Namibia is English, so all Namibian students study their academic programs in English as a medium of instruction.

But those only who want to pay a low tuition for their degree programs study for the first year at preparatory faculty.


Namibian students scan their secondary school certificate with an international passport in the email of the admission office ( for eligibility assessment, and this process takes 1-2 days once admissions staff receives the documents.

Eligible applicants are informed by email about their eligibility, and then they send the admission processing fee.

Upon receiving the invitation processing fee, their documents are forwarded for the processing, and the processing time is two weeks.

Once the invitation is issued and approved by the migration department, it is couriered to the postal address of the applicant with an OK-TO-BOARD letter for departure from Windhoek International Airport.

In other European countries, admissions are confirmed by the colleges and universities, but in Belarus, invitations and admissions are confirmed by the Migration Department of Belarus for international students, not by the colleges and universities.

Admission Requirements

1:International Passport Copy

2:SSC Certificate Copy

3:Visa Processing Charges

All the above documents are accepted by scan.

Once we receive all requirements, the visa processing time is 2 weeks.


1:General Medicine

Namibian students always like to study general medicine courses in Belarus, and at every state medical university there is a good presence of Namibian students.

Namibian students are brilliant at English, as the official language is English, so these Namibian students always prefer to study in Belarus for their general medicine course in English as the medium of instruction.

Namibian students who have passed their secondary school in Namibia may apply for admission in Belarus for a general medicine course.

Namibian students study their general medicine course for six years at Belarusian state medical universities.


Namibian students show a great interest in studying dentistry at one of the Belarusian state medical universities, and every year, a good number of Namibian students join dentistry faculties in Belarus.

Belarus welcomes Namibian students at dental faculties due to their good academic record in Belarus at medical universities.

Namibian students study their dentistry programs in Belarus once they have with them a secondary school certificate in science subjects.

Dentistry is offered in Belarus in both Russian and English medium of instructions.

Namibian students studied dentistry for 5 years in Belarus, using English as the medium of instruction.


Pharmacy is also one of the favorite degree programs among Namibian students, and every year Namibian students come to Belarus to study at pharmaceutical faculties.

Pharmacy is offered in Belarus for 5 years for those foreign students who are good at English, and for those who are not good at English, the pharmacy program is offered after a 10-month Russian language course.

As Namibian students are good at English, they study the pharmacy course in Belarus for 5 years directly in English as the medium of instruction.

Namibian students always have a normal presence in Belarus at pharmaceutical faculties, and Belarus accepts Namibian students every year positively.


Nursing is also one of the most popular degree programs among Namibian students, and every year, Namibian students join nursing courses in Belarus.

Namibian students first study at the Russian language faculty and then start their nursing degree program at a state medical college in Belarus.

Namibian students are required to submit their secondary school certificate copy with a travel passport copy in order to apply for admission in Belarus at one of the state medical universities.

Nursing courses at Belarusian medical colleges are taught in Russian, so foreign students first study at the preparatory faculty and then join their nursing courses.


Namibian students every year come to Belarus and join accounting faculties at state economics universities.

Namibian students study their accounting courses for both degree levels: bachelor’s in accounting and master’s in accounting.

Namibian students study their bachelor in accounting at Belarusian economics universities for 4 years, and these Namibian students like to study their accounting courses in English as the medium of instruction.

For masters in accounting, these Namibian students study for 2 years in Belarus at state economics universities.

For bachelor course admission in Belarus at accounting faculties, these Namibian students scan their secondary school certificate copy, while for masters in accounting, these Namibian students are required to have a bachelor degree with them.


Namibian students obtain their visas at the Minsk International Airport with the help of an official study invitation and an OK TO BOARD letter issued by the Migration Department in Belarus.

Once the applicant receives the official study invitation, he or she buys the air ticket and scans it to the admission office, and in response, OK TO BOARD is issued, and then only the applicant may depart from the Windhoek international airport.

Our staff prepares the reception documents for the arriving students to clear the Minsk immigration and receives them very carefully with a very warm welcome.


1:Valid International Passport

2:Official study invitation approved by the Migration Department of Belarus

3:Educational Certificates (Original)

4:Birth Certificate (Original)

5:Medical Fitness Certificate (by a registered doctor with a stamp)

6:10 passport-size photographs

Namibian students pay the visa fee of 110 dollars at the immigration counter, and the visa is pasted into their international passport.

So if you are from Namibia and are thinking of joining your degree program in Belarus for 2023-2024 intakes, be fast and call or write us for a very quick admission today.


WhatsApp: +380506742243


Chaka obrin

August 26, 2020 at 1:43 am

Do you offer scholarships,I have two diploma level 6/level 7 can I gualify for a degree programme and have nine years teaching experience in Namibia


    August 26, 2020 at 9:05 am

    No scholarships available.All are only self finance programs.

Nairenge Veronica

November 14, 2020 at 5:00 pm

I’m interested in studying Medicinee and my brother is interested in Law. Is it possible for us to come study there from Namibia

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