Mostly Moroccan students come to join General Medicine course,Pharmacy or Engineering degrees.

At almost every state medical university Moroccan students are studying their medical courses.

Belarus always welcome students from Morocco due to their excellent academic record in Belarus.

First year Moroccan students study at Russian language faculty and than start their pharmacy and other medical courses at Belarusian universities.

Most popular course among Moroccan students is Pharmacy which is taught in Belarus at state medical universities.

Moroccan students  are normally not good at English so first year they study at preparatory faculty for Russian language.


Moroccan students do not need to attend Embassy for visa application as they obtain visa at Minsk international airport with the help of official study invitation and visa papers.

Moroccan students depart from international airport in Morocco and at Minsk international airport these Moroccan students pay a Belarus study visa fee of 110$ at immigration counter and visa is pasted in their travel passport.

Moroccan students also pay an insurance fee of 170 Euro at Minsk international airport and this medical insurance is valid for 2 Years during their stay in Belarus.

Admission Requirements for Moroccan students at Universities in Belarus

Once admission staff send the course and fee structure in the Email of applicant,He/She will scan his/her admission documents in the Email of admission staff mentioned below for assessment.Documents required for a bachelor degree application are secondary school certificate and travel passport copy.

For Masters in Belarus Moroccan students must scan their bachelor degree too for evaluation.

Moroccan students once scan their admission documents are informed within 2 Days of time whether he/she is eligible or not for studying in Belarus his/her undergraduate or Masters program.

Once found eligible than only Moroccan applicant transfers his/her admission fee and scan the receipt to admission office Email.

In other European countries admissions are confirmed by the colleges and universities but in Belarus invitations/admissions are confirmed by the Migration department of Belarus for international students not by the colleges and universities.


1:International Passport Copy

2:Secondary School Certificate Copy

3:Visa Processing Charges (Applied on Eligible Applicants only)

Moroccan students are required to send their documents by scan only not through the courier agencies as scanning is the fastest and cheapest way to send and receive documents abroad.

These scanned documents copies should be well visible and colored.


1:Valid International Passport

2:Official study invitation by Migration department of Belarus

3:Educational Certificates (Original)

4:Birth Certificate (Original)

5:Medical Fitness Certificate (By a registered doctor with stamp)

6:Passport size photographs 10

Moroccan students pay their visa fee at the immigration counter and the visa is pasted in his//her international passport.

Once received the official study invitation approved by migration department in Belarus,Moroccan students buy their air ticket and scan to the admission office as admission staff has to prepare their reception documents for the immigration at Minsk international airport.

For further information Moroccan students may please contact us for their admission processing anytime.


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Oussama shait

December 21, 2018 at 4:37 pm

Hello dear
I want to study in belarus as soon possible cause I like so much that country and I want to study there

hind khoumsi

August 25, 2023 at 11:37 pm

does belarusse offer a scholarship to the moroccan student ?
if it s yes , would you mind to montion the procedures and what study’s cycle

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