Iranian students are studying at almost every university in Belarus and are in the most in numbers at Medical universities & Engineering universities.


Iranian students obtain visa from the Belarus Embassy in Iran after admission by migration department.

Visa issuance time is 1 Week once you have the official confirmed study invitation by the Migration department of Belarus.

Admission for Iranian students at Belarusian Universities

Iranian students apply for admission at admission office through contact details mentioned below and once admission staff know the course which Iranian student wants to study in Belarus,Admission staff send the requirements details in his/her Email.

Iranian students are admitted on the behalf of their secondary school certificate and most of the Iranian students come Belarus for studying general medicine and dentistry courses at state universities in Belarus.

In case Iranian students fulfill the admission requirements than their documents are sent to the migration department where invitations for all foreign students are processed regardless of nationalities.


1:General Medicine

Iranian students every year come to Belarus and study general medicine at state medical universities.

Belarus warmly welcomes students from Iran at general medicine faculties in Belarus.

General medicine is taught in Belarus for international students in both medium of instructions,Russian and English.

Iranian students are normally always interested in studying general medicine course in Russian medium of instructions in Belarus as they are not that good at English so first year these Iranian students study at preparatory faculty and then join general medicine faculty at one of the state medical universities.


Many Iranian students come to Belarus every year for studying Pharmacy courses at state medical universities.

Pharmacy is also taught in both medium of instructions,Russian and English.

Iranian students normally study first year at preparatory faculty in Belarus and then join Pharmacy courses at Belarusian state medical university.

Iranian students who know English well join their Pharmacy course directly in English medium of instructions in Belarus and study for 5 Years in order to be a graduate of Pharmacy.

In Belarus at Pharmacy faculties Iranian students always has good presence and every year their numbers are increasing at these faculties in Belarus.


Dentistry is one of the most favorite subject of Iranian students and every year Iranian students come to Belarus and study at Dentistry faculties.

Dentistry is also offered in English medium of instructions for those Iranian students who have good knowledge of English.

Those Iranian students who are poor at English study first year in Belarus at preparatory faculty and then join their Dentistry course in Russian medium of instructions.

Iranian students come Belarus for studying Dentistry once they have passed their high school in Iran.

Iranian students are warmly welcomed in Belarus due to good academic history.


Iranian students rarely come to study in Belarus Nursing courses.

Nursing is offered in Belarus for only Russian medium of instructions so those Iranian students even who are good at English must study at preparatory faculty and then study their nursing course at Belarusian state medical college.

Nursing duration in Belarus is 2.5 Years for those foreign students who have passed their Russian language course in Belarus at any state university or college.

Hopefully in future Iranian students will come in more numbers to Belarus for studying Nursing at medical colleges.


Iranian students come to Belarus for studying graduate courses every year and they study these courses in medical,arts and engineering fields of education.

In Belarus many masters courses are offered in English medium of instructions at state universities and colleges.

There are also many masters courses in Belarus which are taught in Russian medium of instructions only so Iranian students may choose themselves their medium of instructions in Belarus and it also depends upon the available medium of instructions in Belarus at graduate faculties.

Iranian students follow the same admission procedure for studying in Belarus their masters courses as for other courses and send their documents by scan to admission office with a bachelor degree too.


In Belarus international students come from every country of the world and they have different language skills.

Iranian students also come and study their desired medical courses in both English and Russian language.

Those Iranian students who are good at English study their general medicine and dentistry programs in English medium of instructions as both General medicine and Dentistry programs are offered in both language English and Russian.

Mostly Iranian students do not know English that well which enables them to study their general medicine and dentistry courses in English medium of instructions.

These Iranian students who are not good at English first year study at Russian language faculty for 10 Month at one of the medical university in Belarus and than after completing their preparatory course these Iranian students start studying their general medicine and dentistry programs in Russian medium of instructions.

During their preparatory course these Iranian students are well prepared with Chemistry and Biology as these both courses are the basic requirements for studying General medicine and Dentistry in Belarus.

Belarus always welcome Iranian students at state medical universities for studying medical courses in Belarus.

In other European countries admissions are confirmed by the colleges and universities but in Belarus invitations/admissions are confirmed by the Migration department of Belarus for international students not by the colleges and universities.


1:International Passport Copy

2:Secondary School Certificate Copy(For undergraduate courses)

For Master or PG courses Bachelor degree copy is also required.

3:Processing Charges (Only for eligible applicants)

All above admission documents are accepted by scan.

Once we receive the all requirements the official study invitation processing time is 2 Weeks.


1:Valid International Passport

2:Official study invitation by Migration department of Belarus

3:Educational Certificates (Original)

4:Birth Certificate (Original)

5:Medical Fitness Certificate (By a registered doctor with stamp)

6:Passport size photographs 10

Interested Iranian students who want to come Belarus and join their desired degree programs Please may contact us for admission:


WhatsApp & Viber: +380506742243



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