Belarus is situated in the center of Europe and has international borders with five countries:


Although Belarus is a landlocked state, its location has made it an important trade and transport route between Europe and the CIS.

The total land area of Belarus is more than 207,000 square kilometers.

Minsk, the capital of Belarus, is located in the center of the country.

Minsk today is a modern international city. The first recorded mention of the city goes back to 1067.

Average temperatures in Belarus

Average temperatures vary across Belarus. In January, temperatures average from -4.5°C to -8°C. In July, the average temperature is +17°C to +8.5°C.

Some parts of Belarus experience sub-zero temperatures for more than a third of the year.

Religions in Belarus (non-Orthodox)

The Orthodox religion is by no means the only Belarusian religion. Many other religions are also well represented in the country, including:
Roman Catholics (almost 400 churches)
Protestants (over 500 communities, including Lutherans, Mormons, Baptists, and Calvinists)
Jews (more than 40 Hebrew communities)
Muslims (27 communities and nine mosques)

There are up to 25 religious confessions in Belarus, and the number of religious communities amounts to more than 3.1 thousand (2010).

Education in Belarus

Belarus has one of the highest student-to-population ratios in Europe. The higher education system in Belarus is seen as prestigious due to its high quality and affordability.

There are four main types of higher education establishments to choose from, which can be either private or state-operated:
classical university
profile university or academy
higher college


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